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WP 2: Co-generation of a new idea of social and community service to support the active involvement of family caregivers in Val Camonica


In this second phase of the project, we will initially focus on mapping the scientific literature about the interventions already carried out to support family caregivers in rural-mountain areas. In a second step, through the involvement of family caregivers involved in WP1, we will start to co-generate a new social and community service that would be able to decrease the psychological and social stress of the informal caregiver of Val Camonica. WP2 therefore foresees:

  • Scientific mapping of support interventions to informal caregivers in rural/mountain areas;

  • Co-generating with the caregivers an idea of social and community service for the support of family caregivers;

  • Present the idea of service to the local government committee.


The main activities will be:

  • Mapping the scientific literature with a scoping review;

  • Focus groups with caregivers;

  • Meeting of the local government committee.


At the moment, the focus groups are still in progress, while the mapping has been completed through a scoping review process. Fourteen studies have been included, covering interventions to support informal caregivers of elderly people in rural/mountain contexts.


Table 1. Flow chart of process for the selection of included studies


Of the included studies, 11 (79%) have at least one training support intervention, while 50% have at least one psychological, individual or group support. Only one intervention is organizational/logistic, while 5 interventions (36%) are multi-component (Table 2). 

Schermata 2018-12-05 alle 09.50.55.png

Concerning the focus groups for the cogeneration of an idea of new services, it is expected to create 3 focus groups and think about new services, or the improvement of existing services, in the field of psychological support and education but with particular attention also to the logistics / organizational dimension, which could be relevant in a valley like that of Val Camonica.

Team Project

The team that collaborates for the WP2 is composed of the entire group participating in the project, as well as of course the caregivers who have decided to participate.

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